Roof Tiling

KPS Leadworks offer the complete solution to your roofing needs. Why not combine your Roof Tiling with our excellent Lead Roofing? View our Roof Tiling Portfolio.

There are certain considerations when choosing the right roof tiles for your home, firstly it has to suit your budget but it also has be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. KPS Leadworks uses tiles from leading manufacturers. We can help you decide upon the right tiles for your new roof.

There are two main types of roof tiles, these are concrete roof tiles and clay roofing tiles.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Come in a wide range of colours and textures and are less expensive than clay tiles but can be used to create a desirable clay roof tile effect.

Clay Roof Tiles

Are more expensive than their concrete counterparts, there is also a wide selection of clay roofing tiles to choose from as they vary in colour and texture. They will weather naturally but will never fade in colour. Overall clay roof tiles are the best choice for any property where the budget allows.

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